We are located at 101 Front St, Suite B, in Hancock, MI. There is no sign on the front of the building, so it can be a little tricky to find us the first time! We are located on the lower level (entrance on the lower side of the building) of what used to be an Elks Lodge, right next to the Holiday Gas station. There is street parking available: angle parking along the side of the building and parallel parking on the rest of street. Since there is limited parking you may need to park on Quincy St or in the public lot next to La Cantina and walk down, so make sure to leave yourself a little extra time, just in case!

I’m having a hard time finding the studio. Where are you located?

Can i join at any time during the year?

That depends!

Are you interested in taking an adult/drop-in class? Then yes, these classes are open to new students all year.

Are you interested in a regular technique class (Creative Movement, Ballet 1, Hip Hop 4, etc)? We accept new students through December.

If you are interested in enrolling after December, please contact us. We order costumes for our Spring Production in early January, so students enrolling after that date may or may not be able to get a costume in time due to long processing and delivery times.

We do not recommend joining after March 1st as most classes will have started learning choreography for Spring Production at that time.

Nope! All regular technique classes (excluding adult/drop-in classes) perform in our Spring Production, however, if a student can’t participate or does not want to participate, they can opt out.

Do i have to participate in the Spring production?

Are there special clothes and/or shoes i need for class?

Yes! It depends on the class, but all of our dress code requirements are listed in our Policies and Procedures here. If you are a new student or looking to try out a class and don’t have the right things right now, that’s totally fine! Just wear something comfortable.

can i try out a class before officially registering?

Absolutely! If you are new to dance or new to the studio, we definitely recommend coming to check things out and even taking a class before officially enrolling. If you do enroll and later change your mind and want to switch classes, that’s not a problem. (Just keep in mind date restrictions mentioned above).

How do I know what Level to take? how do I move up to the next level?

Contact us and we can give you an idea of a good place to start. If you are new to SSOD our teachers will see how you do in your first class and figure out if that’s the right level for you or if you need to switch.

Throughout the year, our teachers do assessments. Assessment is based on curriculum requirements set for each level. We have a mid-year assessment that gives some feedback on how students are doing and lets them know if they need to change levels at that time. End-of-year assessments give the same type of feedback and also give recommendations for summer and fall classes for each student. All assessments are emailed directly to parents individually.

As we have a maximum of 5 levels for each style, it is totally normal and expected for dancers to stay in a level for multiple years. Everyone progresses at their own speed!

You don’t have to stay with your child during class! Feel free to drop off and go run errands or do whatever you need to do. If you do want to stay, Studio A has a viewing window to watch class. Studios B and C do not have viewing windows, but the doors are often open so you can peek in.

We do not allow parents in the room while classes are going on (unless there is some sort of extenuating circumstance). This is to keep the kids focused on what they are doing and reduce disruptions. I know it’s tempting to step in and remind your kid to pay attention or stop poking their classmate, but please leave it to our teachers during class time. If we need your assistance for an ongoing issue, we will let you know.

Do i have to stay with my child during class? are parents allowed in the room?